Chiropractor for back pain

Our spine is a complex structure that plays a supportive role in our bodies and a protective role for our spinal cords and the nervous system. Unfortunately, the estimated lifetime prevalence of back pain in the general adult population has been reported to be as high as 84%. In the US, the direct costs of back pain in 2010 were $34 billion and indirect costs of losing workplace productivity estimated at $200 billion. The majority of back pain often happens with lifting heavy objects, exercise, sitting or standing for a prolonged period, sedentary lifestyle, poor posture muscle tone, poor posture, injuries, and chronic stress to the joint.

Although most acute back pain episodes resolve, it can persist and become a chronic issue.  Whether or not the pain is acute or chronic, you would rather live without it.

Back pain often can be caused by a few underlying factors such as disc degeneration, degenerative joint disease, bulging disc, spinal stenosis, repetitive strain/sprain injury.

Many of you may wonder, is chiropractic care going work for my back issues.

There is a study published in 2018 where the researcher enrolled 750 active-duty military personnel with back pain. They were randomly assigned to receive usual care including medication, self-care, and physical therapy and other with usual care and up to 12 chiropractic treatments. After 6 weeks, those who received chiropractic care reported less pain intensity, less disability and improved function, and needed less pain medicine. They also reported higher satisfaction with their treatment. There were no serious side effects were reported but about 10% reported having stiffness in the joints or muscles as the adverse effects they experienced.

When dealing with back pain, in some cases it goes away by itself but many times, the underlying cause has not been properly addressed and the pain continually occurs and becomes chronic. Many people have “reoccurring” back pain every few months or every year, or it started as general stiffness and it gradually got worse over the few months. In those cases, the pain just does not go away.


The problem could be coming from the back itself, but you may find it surprising to learn that oftentimes the back pain can be contributed to misalignment at the top of the neck. Each spine is all connected to and work with each other, so when things are off starting from the top, it can lead to dysfunctions to the lower part of the vertebrae, possibly leading to postural imbalances, muscle spasm, burning sensation to the upper back and general stiffness.


At our office, Dr. Jenna or Lisa Kim will evaluate your whole spine to identify the cause and support you in getting the appropriate treatment. If you have any questions about how our team at Vitalpoint Chiropractic - your back pain chiropractors - can help you, please schedule for a consultation today.  



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