How Can Chiropractic Care Help with “Text Neck” Neck Pain?

Is your phone slowly hurting your spine? According to Spinal Surgeon Dr. Daniel Riew, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at CUMC, the answer is yes. When you are bending your head forward and downward to look at your phone or computer, you put excessive stress on the muscles behind your neck. They contract to support your head. When you spend hours like this every day, eventually there will be long term damage. The Chiropractors Association of Saskatchewan, Canada is reporting a rise in patients reporting pain in their necks, backs, and spines. They associate this pain with the increased use of digital devices. The condition has been dubbed “tech neck” or “text neck”, variously. Canadians spen

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Have you ever come out of an automobile accident ‘unscathed?’ Surviving a road accident without a major or visible injury does not necessarily mean that there is no physical injury. When your car is hit from behind while you are seated, the impact thrusts your upper body forward as your neck and head fall in the opposite direction, backwards. Your head and neck will fall forward a few seconds after the impact. The injury is worse if you had your head turned during the impact and can cause further damage to your body, especially onto the upper neck and head region. These sudden movements can cause pain in your jaw, headaches, upper arm, neck, and shoulder. Some other manifestations of whiplas

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