Does the Atlas Orthogonal Procedure Really Work?

Does the Atlas Orthogonal Procedure Really Work?

The internet is littered with success stories of people who tried Atlas Orthogonal and other forms of chiropractic treatments to treat their health problems. Some of the success stories sound too good to be true. Or are they?

What is Atlas Orthogonal (A.O)

The Atlas Orthogonal (AO) procedure is part of the ‘Upper Cervical Care’ which is a branch of chiropractic practice.

The procedure is mostly sought out by people who are looking for relief from neck pain, headaches, migraines, and many symptoms that arose post-injury. The difference between Upper Cervical Chiropractic and conventional chiropractic methods is that the former involves adjusting a specific part of the spine (atlas vertebrae) while the former involves manipulation of the full spine.

Atlas Orthogonal is only one of several Upper Cervical Care techniques. The others are Palmer Specific, Grostic, Blair, NUCCA, and Knee-Chest. Several of these Upper Cervical methods are used in reversing some of the causes of severe neck issues and pain.

The Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic procedure is one of the finest forms of Chiropractic care as far as the precision and comfort of patients are concerned.

This is because it is one of the most gentle forms of chiropractic adjustment. People who are jittery about chiropractic therapy, in general, will be happy to hear that there is no cervical spine twisting, cracking, or popping involved in Atlas Orthogonal work.

Additionally, patients are given instructions for carrying out home-care afterwards to help to hold the adjustment. They also have to eliminate the aspects of their lifestyle that contributed to the pain.

Once the atlas bone is in place and holds in place, the care plan of the patient will change accordingly. You don’t need to come in as often, and our patients will know what it feels like to be in place, so when your body needs adjustment, you will know when to come.

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Properly performed, Atlas Orthogonal does not result in any significant side effects. A patient’s neck will not be suddenly twisted or elongated in an unnatural manner during the procedure.

What Atlas Orthogonal is Supposed to Do

The purpose of the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic treatment is to correct poor spinal alignment of the atlas vertebrae (the bone that holds your head in place) in order to restore the body to its proper functioning. When the atlas vertebrae is out of alignment, it also brings the head to tilt, affecting our posture which can lead to muscular dysfunction. Also, in the upper cervical region, there’s huge anatomical importance as that is where our brain stem passes down, cranial nerves come through, and different parts of the nervous system and blood vessels pass along.

How Atlas Orthogonal Works

It is called Atlas Orthogonal because it focuses on the Atlas bone (C1 vertebrae) and “Orthogonal” means right-angle. The atlas bone is the first vertebrae that start the spinal column and this tiny bone is responsible for holding your head upright. Hence, it is a technique to align the atlas vertebrae with respect to the head to keep the head- atlas and rest of the spine to be in 90 degrees. This is important as the spinal cord passes through the spine and if the spine is misaligned, it can put stress onto the nervous system that passes through the spinal column.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors use special instrument called Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Instrument which delivers percussion force to make the correction. It takes a force of no more than 6 pounds, and chiropractors use an instrument designed to deliver an easy and precise process. Just to give an idea of how little force is deployed, a 6 pound-force is so small that most people may not even feel it.

Only a handful of chiropractors focus exclusively on Upper Cervical Chiropractic, and it is advisable to see one who is highly trained, should you decide to opt for the procedure.

The instrument we use is more than 40 years old in use by chiropractors worldwide. The doctors at our office are both Boards Certified in Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors- which means that they have extensive amounts of trainings on upper cervical care.

The Atlas Orthogonal technique aims at correcting the upper cervical spine in order to restore the body to its natural balance and to stimulate the body to heal itself. Despite what many might fear, this is one of the chiropractic techniques that are most gentle and painless. It does not involve any cracking or twisting.

To carry out the procedure, a chiropractor will use a percussion instrument specially designed for the purpose.

Besides the instrument, chiropractors use X Ray technology to help them see clearly which areas need correction. The views that the chiropractors will take is different from typical X Ray that you would receive. The X Ray will be taken so that the doctor can have 3-dimensional view of the atlas. X Ray technology forms a fundamental part of their diagnoses and treatment. After studying the affected area using an X-Ray, the chiropractor will know exactly where and how they need to adjust in order to restore the balance of the body. After the first adjustment is delivered, the doctor will take 1-2 views of post X ray to evaluate how much the correction took place.

Atlas Orthogonal is aimed at restoring balance in the body by ensuring that the spinal column is well aligned. This proper alignment brings about healing from illness and pain.

Recovery of Atlas Orthogonal Procedure

After going through an Atlas Orthogonal treatment, a patient might go through some temporary symptoms like fatigue, soreness, stiffness, after the correction. This is because as your spinal alignment is being corrected, the surrounding soft tissues will also respond to the care which can lead to some symptoms as a result. Since the recovery time varies from one patient to another, it will take some time for the recovery to be complete. These are not side effects per se, but they are signs of correction.

The discomfort from these symptoms that come after the procedures is just part of the recovery process. The pain might even transfer to another part of the body. Sometimes the pain will immediately go down without leaving any discomfort in the body.

Our experienced team of Atlas Orthogonal chiropractors at Vitalpoint Chiropractic are here to address all of your individual concerns and goals.

We will work with you to restore your personal quality of life non-intrusively providing relief and helping you to return to your overall optimal health.

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