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Dr. Lisa Kim is amazing. I was having chronic back pain from my accident 3 years ago and during pregnancy, I couldn't walk for more than 15 minutes. Been doing everything my family doctor recommended: massage, physio, but nothing helped. Dr. Kim has changed all of that and although I am not 100% pain free, I do feel a lot better than before. Would definitely recommend Dr. Kim to friends and family.

Paul J.

Dr. Kim is great! I've been suffering from chronic back pain from many years of doing dentistry. With her help I am much better and able to continue to practice pain free! I would highly recommend her as a health care provider.

Kele A.

Excellent knowledge of Chiropractic and Atlas Orthogonal Care. The front desk staff is very friendly and extremely helpful. I got relief from restless legs after my first treatment

Nick D

I have been with Jenna for a little over a year now and I am impressed. She has had a very good impact on my health!  Highly recommend.

Muriel H

I received an Atlas Orthogonal adjustment from Dr. Jenna Y.S. Kim in Burnaby, BC, after many years of neck problems and migraines.  I had run the gamut of doctors/specialists who offered no help except for drugs.  Dr. Kim was able to diagnosis my neck problem and restore more mobility to my neck than I have had in the last 20 plus years.  She has advised my case is a complicated one, however, I am very confident in her ability to resolve my issues and will definitely return for her services.

Kevin H

I was very impressed with the professional and courteous care I received from Dr. Jenna Y.S. Kim in Burnaby, BC.  The Atlas Orthogonal adjustments she performed brought immense improvement to my neck mobility.  She really cares about the well being of her patients and made me feel like I was in very strong, good hands for my treatments.


Liz K.

I love Dr.Kim! She is an amazing individual and is a great doctor. 
I can definitely rely on her advice and also feels amazing after getting adjustments by her. She is different from typical chiropractors, which means there's is no twisting or cracking. She uses instrument and is very gentle. She also does thorough examinations and x-rays which she will explain to the patients so that I know what is going on with my body.  I am afraid to get traditional chiropractic care because it hurts but she was different. She is helping me with headaches and low back pain which I've been having for years! I would highly recommend her clinic.   Her office may be hard to find at first because of lack of signs but it is across from Home Depot.

Kelly H.

I went to see Dr. Kim after having severe neck pain with constant numbness in my arms and hands. I was very scared because I was no longer able to do things that I liked to do. She said my atlas is out and my head is not straight! After 2 weeks of care, my pain level went down from 10 to 3 and numbness in my arms went away

Susan M.

Dr Kim works very thoroughly and knowledgeably with the body. I highly recommend her services.

James T.

I was experiencing extreme low back pain and weakness in my both legs. Dr. Kim checked my full body and she said my neck and low back is out of alignment.  After 3 months of atlas orthogonal care and chiropractic adjustment, I don’t have low back pain anymore. 

Amy C.

Dr. Kim is the first doctor that I’ve followed the instructions and kept all of my appointments. I can trust her and I know now how much chiropractic is important for everyone. Thank you Dr Kim!

Sandra S.

I had constant headache for no reason for 3 weeks. I’ve tried every kind of different OTC painkillers but nothing helped much so that’s why I’ve decided to try chiropractic treatment. It was my first try on chiropractic.   She did thorough exams, took xrays and did my first neck adjustment with AO instrument. I cried right after my adjustment. I couldn’t believe that my headache disappeared immediately. It was just a miracle.

Michelle R.

Chiropractic care has enabled me to continue physical activities such as horseback riding and I am enjoying my life

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