Upper Cervical Chiropractic 

The upper cervical spine is the topmost portion of the spine that supports the weight of the skull and provides a wide range of motion. The upper cervical spine is made up of the occiput (base of the skull), atlas (first cervical segment, C1), and axis (second cervical segment, C2). The occipital condyle-atlas-superior axis facets are synovial joints and lack an intervertebral disc. Its alignment and structural integrity maintained by the network of ligaments and soft tissue. 

This area has the greatest range of motion which makes the upper cervical spine more mobile but prone to misalignment when injuries such as sports injuries, falls, whiplash, car collisions happen. When the weight of the head is shifted to the side due to the force, and no longer centred over the spine, the upper cervical vertebrae also forced to the displacement causing a severe structural misalignment. Lack of cervical stability will result in decreased stability in the rest of trunk as well as the shoulder and hip girdles. This distortion and stress of the spine and may put pressure and irritates on the nerves which pass through it causing pain, loss of mobility and the failure of the ability of the spine to support weight properly. These changes may cause headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, disc problems and neurological changes such as tingling and numbness.

Who is the upper cervical chiropractor?

The upper cervical chiropractor is a Doctor of Chiropractic who focuses specifically on correcting spinal related issues stemming from the upper neck. Chiropractor performs a thorough evaluation to assess the alignment and mechanics of the upper cervical spine. This includes imaging (digital x-rays, CT, MRI, etc.) to measure the direction and magnitude of displacement that has occurred. Image-guided adjusting procedures are then used to make a corrective adjustment designed to have the maximum benefit with a minimal amount of force.



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